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Calcutta Mission of Mercy

In 1954 Dr. Mark and Dr. Hulda Buntain sailed to Calcutta for a one-year service opportunity. Observing the plight of India's poor, they began to launch a series of compassionate ministries. Their one-year stay turned into a life time as their efforts grew into a large holistic network of programs.

Today, Mercy Ministries brings new life to thousands of impoverished men, women and children. Free medical care is delivered to around 40,000 people each year at the Calcutta Mercy Hospital. At locations in and outside of Calcutta, 25,000 people a day enjoy hot meals. One hundred young women learn the art of medicine at the School of Nursing as they seek ways to support their families.

Red Light Mercy Clinic provides accessible medical care to over 10,000 prostitutes.

Calcutta Student Nurses
Student Nurses in Calcutta Clinics

Calcutta Mercy Ministries and its partners have dedicated a significant amount of time and thought this year to the red light district of Calcutta. Sonargachi is currently home to over 10,000 prostitutes living in a one-mile radius. Over the last couple years, they have supported free medical clinics in the area, hoping to provide a safe place for women and their children to come to receive much needed medical care.


Passionate leaders are raised in the fields of education, community development, and healthcare. Motivational seminars, leadership schools, distance learning classes, and Bible Schools ensure that teachers, doctors, nurses, administrators, chaplains and pastors receive the advanced training necessary to ensure a strong foundation and a certain future for each aspect of what Mercy Ministries support.

Calcutta Mission of Mercy

Sunday Line is proud to partner with Calcutta Mercy Ministry as they seek to bring hope to some of the very poorest children.
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