Sunday Line and World Ministries mission is to help, rescue, support and care for needy children
and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Our ministry to children was born out of relationships made through the Sunday Line Television and Radio ministries. As viewers and listeners responded to the many guests that visited the programs, it became apparent that there was both a huge interest and huge need concerning ministry focused on children in real need. When the television and radio ministry ceased the effort to help children around the world continued.
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World Wide Children's Fund Logo
Worldwide Children's Fund is a ministry of Sunday Line Communications.
The logo symbolizes the love that Jesus has for children of every nation, colour and age.

Worldwide Children’s Fund exists to raise funds that lend support to various organizations around the world. These organizations provide holistic care for vulnerable and needy children on a regular basis and during emergency and disaster situations.

Partner Ministries

Cathedral of Praise - Manila Feeding Program
Feeding Program - Cathedral of Praise, Manila, Philipines

David and Beverley Sumrall have pastored the Cathedral of Praise in Manila, Philipines for over 30 years. They run community feeding programs among the very poorest.

All church groups, the youth, the men, the choirs, the children's workers, are eager to participate in the community feeding programs. Each group of workers will prepare 500 meals in a week divided into five days of going out to the children.

The Gerard Chapman Kitchen operates in one of Manila's poorest neighbourhoods. When the children receive the food they are so happy. For many, it is their only meal of the day. When they attend these feeding programs, they receive the good news that Jesus loves them and wants very much to walk with them in newness of life.

Gerard Chapman Kitchen
Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh - Nagpur & Manjari, India

Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh, meaning Ministry of Love Education Society, was established in 1981. A year later 18 acres of land were purchased in Nagpur to develop the first home for poor children. In 1987 the primary school was started and has now developed into a junior college. In 1992 the girls' home in Manjari was established and cares for about 500 girls from nearby villages.

Today some 850-900 children are given the opportunity to live and study in schools and institutions that would otherwise be closed to them. Children who may be physically challenged are given the possibility to develop into self-reliant, self-supporting and self-respecting citizens. The value and dignity of labour is promoted and each child is appreciated for their intellectual gifts and talents.

House of Hope
House of Hope - Bethlehem, Israel

The House of Hope was started in 1963 by a blind lady named Aunty May. She based the ministry on the scriptural principle in Psalm 31:1: "In thee, my Lord, do I put my trust." George Awad is the present director. Today, the House of Hope remains a vital ministry to many people who are blind or have special needs.

There are no provisions made for children with special needs and they would be otherwise excluded. All of the children and adults desperately need to experience the love and compassion of Christ expressed through interaction with believers. The goal is to foster in each individual a sense of value as they are cared for, given aid to grow in their abilities, receive an education, learn new life skills and find a place of employment.

Villages of Hope
Villages of Hope - Bethlehem, Israel

Villages of Hope in Africa, directed by Sergio and Nancy Bersaglio. Their purpose is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society.

Villages of Hope is located in 8 regions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa providing care for vulnerable children. In Malawi the feeding program brings balanced nutrition to over 100 children daily and is a key ingredient in their holistic care.

Classrooms for Africa
Classrooms for Africa - East Africa

Classrooms for Africaa provides assistance to communities in Eastern and Southern Africa who have taken on the challenge of providing education for disadvantaged children.

In their first 10 years (2008 – 2018) they were able to provide classrooms for over 16,000 children and provided training for 400 teachers. By 2028 the goal is to provide classrooms for at least another 20,000 and to train a further 600 teachers.

Metro Kids
Metro Kids - Surrey, BC

Metro Kids serves 400-700 children and youth from vulnerable neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver. They engage young people through creative, accessible programs and support them through on-going mentoring relationships.

They operate free programs for children, preteens, and youth in vulnerable neighbourhoods. They seek to empower at-risk kids and youth with hope to lead lives of significance.


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