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In 1970 a Soviet medical student, Laura, found a living faith in God at a Soviet State university. She was the only student who claimed to believe in a God who created man. Consequently she was expelled for her faith. In 1976 she married Canadian citizen, Hannu Haukka. Together they pioneered a Christian radio ministry from Finland that includes the transmission of a network of 11 international superpower stations.

GCM ministries focuses on taking the Gospel to the nations of Russia, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa by using the tools of television, radio and the internet to greatly enhance the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Christ. To achieve its goals, GCM produces evangelistic radio programs, television programs, videos and literature in 40 languages. In addition GCM Ministries systematically trains indigenous workers in their respective cultures sending them to their own peoples.

"We can still shake whole cities with the gospel as in the days of the apostles," says Hannu Haukka, president of GCM. "Over 50% of the world population live in cities. GCM uses a strategy that incorporates stories of changed lives through a "symphony of media" that proclaims one message: God gives you the power to change."

Humanitarian aid is provided in hard hit areas suffering from natural disasters and to children in Russia's children's prison camps.

GCMM Russia Boys Prison and Volga River Baptism   Hannu and Laura Haukka

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